Past year question papers of NEET from 2018 - 2016 || Free pdf download ||

Past Year Questions Papers of NEET are available in the form of PDF and it's free to download. We all know that, from any competitive exam point of view, past year question papers are very helpful for analysing ourselves and also in getting the overview pattern of the question papers.

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NEET old question papers

So, in this post I am going to share the list of Past year question papers of NEET from 2018 - 2016.

Past year question papers of NEET from 2018 - 2016

How to use NEET question papers for NEET preparation ?

Follow these steps for preparing NEET or any other medical entrance examination from the past year question paper PDF.

  • First of all, use isolated table chair set up.
  • Get a sample OMR sheet. You can find it on any stationary shop or you can download and print.
  • Set alarm time as the time is given in NEET examination.
  • Now open any of the pdf link given above.
  • As soon as the alarm ring stop solving.
  • Now check answer with the answer keys.
  • Analyse which area is weak.
  • If any question left, solve it now.

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