The materials required by the living organisms to sustain their life are called nutrients.

Nutrition types-):

1) Autotrophic nutrition
2) Hetrotrophic nutrition

1) Autotrophic nutrition 

The livings of this category synthesis their own food . They are of two types :-

I) Photo Autotrophic nutrition-
The ultimate source of energy is sun. This type of nutrition is found in all green plants , except some bacteria (chlorobium) and some protozoan (Euglena).

II) Chemosynthesis Autotrophic nutrition-
This types of nutrition occur in the presence of chemical energy (e.g- Sulphar bacteria or green Sulphar bacteria)

2) Hetrotrophic nutrition

The livings of thise category depend indirectly upon Autotroph.On the basis of nature Hetrotrophic are of following types:-

a) Holozoic Nutrition
In this the organism feed exclusively on the solid organic food material. It's found in most of the free living animals including humans.

b) Saprophytic nutrition
Organism like fungi, many bacteria, a few angiosperms, release some enzyme to digest some food outside their body and then the nutrients absorbed through the body surface.

c) Osmotrophic nutrition
The animal takes pre-digested food materials by diffusion through their body wall (e.g-Tania solium).

d) Parasitic nutrition
Smaller organism like bacteria, virus, fungi, non-green plant are parasite.

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